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Tire Repair

by Brian England on August 29, 2022

At BA Auto Care, our techs keep your car on the road and running smoothly by following a preventative maintenance program custom designed to the unique needs of your car. Keeping your vehicle aligned properly, flushing your power steering, and flushing and cleaning your engine are essential to maintaining the health of your vehicle.

by Brian England on March 16, 2020

When you own a fleet of vehicles for your business, time is valuable. Keeping your vehicles on the road and running smoothly translates into higher profits. At BA Auto Care, our ASE certified technicians understand the importance of keeping your fleet on the road. We provide a full ranges of auto repair services to fit your needs, including a preventive maintenance program that will keep your fleet vehicles running longer.

by Brian England on February 21, 2017

Need an automobile tire repaired? Know what’s acceptable when it comes to repairing your tires. Not all tire punctures are created equal; some can be repaired, and some can’t. Car tires that are improperly repaired can fail and result in an accident.

by Brian England on March 18, 2015

Know what season it is?   Pothole season.

by Brian England on November 11, 2013

For any novices out there, tire rotation is the process of moving tires from one location on your car to another. This includes moving them from one side to another as well as from front to back.

by Brian England on September 17, 2013

Not long ago, we did a blog article on tire repairs. It basically highlighted some key things you should know in order to ensure that if you had to have a tire repaired, you would know what to look for.

by Brian England on December 20, 2011

So…how exactly do you figure out the best place to purchase auto tires? What should you be looking for? Is the internet the best place to buy or should you just go to a tire shop? These are probably the kind of questions that go through your mind when you have to replace your automobile tires.

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