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Have you seen one of our courtesy vehicles on your street?

I was talking to a customer recently and asked him where he lived? The answer took me by surprise. “In the same neighborhood as you, Brian.” I replied that I live in Clary’s Forest neighborhood in the Village of Hickory Ridge! “Oh, we saw your company van the other day near our house and then when we greeted you on one of the trails nearby,” our customer replied.

This isn’t really a mystery. I don’t live in two places, but our BA Auto Care Courtesy Van does. Since COVID we can’t safely transport our customers in our courtesy vehicles. So, we pivoted and came up with a plan to pick up customer vehicles at their homes and leave one of our courtesy vans or loaner vehicles in its place. So spread the word.

If you need to use this service, just tell us when you make your appointment. . We will arrange a pickup time and will call before we come out. Later in the day we will call when your cars service is completed and schedule a time to drop off.

Another part of our new service includes ionizing your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system before we return it to you. This system sterilization keeps you and our employees safe.

This is just another way we are “Looking out for you and your car.”