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Tire & Wheel Services

Proper tire care is an essential part of any vehicle preventive maintenance program. In fact, it’s one of the most overlooked vehicle services. At BA Auto Care, we’ll keep you rolling safely: from tire repairs and sales to wheel alignments and balancing. Whatever your vehicle requires.

“Check My Service Records and Advise”

This is one of the most common statements customers check on our online appointment forms. When you purchase your tires here and commit to having your car serviced regularly at BA Auto Care, we’ll make sure your car and your tires are well maintained. Most people don’t realize that proper tire care is one of the most neglected vehicle services. Let us do the remembering for you.

We can help maximize the safety and service life of your tires. If you already know what you want and just want to get a tire quote, call us at 410-381-2700 or make an appointment online.

Need New Tires? Call us to get a tire quote today!

Shopping for tires may seem easy, but with so many brand and types, its easy to purchase inappropriate tires for your vehicle type and use. Call us today: 410-381-2700 and let us assist your in picking the perfect tires for your vehicle.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Tire Services

Ever done an internet search for tires? Ever called around to see which shop carried the tires you need in stock? Ever got to a shop, and found out they didn’t have the ones you needed, even after that phone call? Several years ago, we didn’t sell tires because we thought we couldn’t beat the mass merchandisers on price.

However, customers kept asking us to provide tires, so we stepped in because we wanted to offer our customers a better way to shop and care for their tires. And more importantly, to give them a higher quality experience — throughout the life of their car.

Tire Repairs, Rotations, Alignments & Balancing

As a full service auto shop, we cover all the needed tire services:


Tire Rotation &
Wheel Balancing


Still Not Sure Where You Want to Purchase Your Tires?

Shopping for tires might seem easy, but many times we see customers come in with poor quality auto tires or tires that are inappropriate for their type of car and use.

It’s important to understand the pros and cons of different types of tire retailers when you are shopping for tires — because when it comes to shopping for new car tires, information is powerful. By knowing what to look for when you shop for tires, you greatly increase the likelihood of walking away with the best tires for you and your car.

Tire Sales

Our e-book, Tire Retailers – The Pros & The Cons, covers information about the following types of retailers:

  • Tire Specialty Chains
  • Mass Merchants & Big Box Chains
  • Online Automobile Tire Sites
  • Gas Stations
  • Full Service Auto Repair Shops

Our E-booklet will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to tire shopping.