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Preventive Auto Maintenance

Preventive maintenance, repairs, state inspections and sage auto advise: BA Auto Care does all this and more

Located in Columbia, Maryland and serving all of Howard County and Central Maryland, BA Auto Care offers a full range of services: from car maintenance, preventive care, repairs to state inspections to tire sales and service. Everything you need to ensure your car lasts for as long as you’d like to keep it. We’re always looking out for you and your vehicle.

Why Choose a Full Service Auto Center?

When you choose a full service automotive center like BA Auto Care to handle all your automotive service needs, all your vehicle service records are meticulously maintained and accessible for reference any time you have an issue with your vehicle.

Our experienced team of auto technicians knows you and your car’s history. This allows us to provide the most efficient and cost-effective service for your vehicle. When you become part of the BA Auto Care family, our primary mission is to make sure that we take care of you and your vehicles, providing the absolute best in auto repair and customer service.

Don’t wait till your car breaks down, call BA Auto Care to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment!

Our preventative maintenance services keep your car running efficiently and effectively. Call: 410-381-2700 or schedule an appointment with our certified auto technicians today!

Our Preventive Maintenance & Oil Change Program

Preventive maintenance is the most efficient and effective form of vehicle maintenance, and it’s more than just regular oil changes or proactively changing the timing belt. Our services follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and preserve your warranty. Find out more specifics about our recommended 3,750 miles; 5,000 miles; 7,500 miles; 15,000 miles; and 30,000 mile service or download our schedule maintenance service chart here.

Automotive Preventive Maintenance.

All our scheduled car maintenance services are performed in accordance with manufacturer specifications and maintain your vehicle’s warranty. The list of services below covers what’s included in our standard 3750, 5K, 15K and 30K mileage service for cars and includes what most manufacturers recommend. If your manual calls for something extra, we’ll be sure to review that with you as part of the scheduled service. If you have a hybrid or electric vehicle check out our services here.

We never do “just an oil change”. Getting your oil changed is just one part of our regular preventive maintenance program. If you’re just going to a quick lube shop to get your oil changed you are probably overlooking important services, your need needs.

If you aren’t sure you’re on the right oil change schedule, schedule a free consultation with us. We can do the consultation over the phone, or you can stop by and get a chance to check out our shop and meet the people who will be serving you!

  • Road test and report on any noises or handling problems
  • Change oil and filter
  • Check lights, wipers, and washers. Clean air intake vents.
  • Check drive shafts and axles
  • Check condition of all fluids
  • Top up all fluid levels
  • Lubricate all grease fittings
  • Check underside of car, tires, exhaust, steering and suspension
  • Check and adjust tire pressures & inspect condition of tires
  • Check condition of all front pads and record
  • Check and report any oil leaks
  • Check belts and hoses. Record anti-freeze condition and protection
  • Check battery and leads, test and print results
  • Reset service reminder and tire pressure monitor

This includes all items in the 3750 mile service plus:

  • Check steering handling & brakes
  • Check A/C and heating system
  • Check ball joints, control arms and tie rods
  • Check engine and transmission performance
  • Check spare tire condition and pressure
  • Check clutch and transmission performance

Many of our customers have their car serviced every six months or 5000 miles, whichever comes first. In these cases, this would be the service they typically receive unless they were due for one of the other major services (i.e. the 15K or 30K service which are performed alternately every 15,000 miles).

This includes all items in the 3750, 5K, and 7.5K mile services plus:

  • Lubricate trunk hood hinges, door hinges and catches
  • Check battery, starting system and charging system
  • Check ignition system, coils, wires, protective boots, etc.
  • Scan computer, check history related to check engine light & record codes
  • Check vacuum hoses, connections and related modules
  • Check intake and manifolds for leaks and noises
  • Check cooling system performance & condition of radiator and water pump
  • Check condition of fuel injection system, lines, hoses and regulator
  • Check service schedules for any special services needed
  • Check air filter and replace if needed*
  • Check throttle body, add engine cleaner to gas tank
  • Clean and service battery connections
  • Inspect cabin air filter, replaced if needed*
  • Install PCV valve and check system operation, if applicable*
  • Please note, for Diesels, the fuel filter is replaced every 15,000 miles*

All items in the 3750, 5K, 7.5K, and 15K mile services, plus:

  • Install fuel filter and spark plugs if needed*
  • Check for service updates and recalls

*Additional cost if needed.