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by News from BA Auto Care on February 7, 2024
Car stranded in winter storm without a survival kit
Does your car have a Winter Survival Kit The winter storm we experienced just this month brought back memories of a few years ago when local motorists got stuck in a snowstorm on I-95 for many hours. For those not prepared for winter driving it turned into a terrifying experience. Drivers had no water, they [...]
by Brian England on January 18, 2024
Brakes on hybrid electrics
What You Need To Know About the Braking Systems on Hybrid or Electric Cars By Brian England Hybrid and Electric cars use regenerative braking systems as well as standard brakes. Standard brakes rely on friction to slow the car down, similar to how the brakes on a bicycle work.   Regenerative braking systems, use the [...]
by News from BA Auto Care on December 14, 2023
Person checking the coolant and cooling systems on a hybrid electric car
Cooling Systems on hybrid-electric cars: what you need to know By Brian England What is a Hybrid Inverter Coolant Service? Hybrid drive vehicles must store that electricity in a direct current (DC) battery. Since the hybrid drive motor uses alternating current (AC), the hybrid inverter must be used to change DC power to AC power. This [...]
by News from BA Auto Care on November 29, 2023
back of a tesla taken in for maintenance
Tesla Owners – Don’t Forget Your Routine Maintenance By Brian England Tesla vehicles are extra special luxury vehicles, and they deserve extra special care. At BA Auto Care, our expert technicians understand this provide services for  Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model Y, and Model X vehicles. Our Tesla auto repair and maintenance program includes [...]
by Brian England on November 6, 2023
Why you should pay attention to “check engine light” warnings
Why you should pay attention to “check engine light” warnings By Brian England When a VW came in running badly with the “check engine light” on we started the diagnostics by scanning the computer for data. To our surprise, we discovered a long shopping list of codes. Since this was the car’s first visit to [...]
by Brian England on October 24, 2023
BA Auto Microfiber Cloth
By Brian England If you have visited BA Auto Care recently for a repair or preventative maintenance service, you’ve probably found a new microfiber cloth sitting on the seat of your car.  This is a 45th anniversary gift from us to you to show you how much we appreciate your business.   Your new microfiber [...]
by Brian England on October 17, 2023
By Brian England Throughout the history of auto repair,  a lot of importance has been placed on getting an oil change every 3000 miles.  Quick Lube shops are now prevalent and accepted in the industry, which makes getting an oil change convenient. However, here is the big question: Is getting oil service on your car [...]
by News from BA Auto Care on October 10, 2023
Technician repair brakes
by Brian England Getting a car repair estimate online looks easy. If you know exactly what service or repair you need,  then an online estimate can be helpful. Or it could make things very confusing. I recently checked out the cost of new front brakes on my wife’s 2016 Acura by searching online and prices [...]

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