Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Summer Road Trip Adventures

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Auto Tips, Car Safety, Industry-Wide Topics

Getting your car road trip ready ensures a smooth, safe, and enjoyable adventure. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to prepare your car for summer fun:

  1. Essential Services Checklist: Bring in your car for comprehensive preventative maintenance that includes an oil and oil filter change, tire wear and tire pressure check, battery check. Lights and electrical system check. And wiper blades check.


  1. Maintenance and Safety Check: We’ll also check your braking system and other major systems on your vehicle to ensure safety on the road.


  1. Update Your Car Emergency Kit: Check out our recent blog to make sure your emergency kit is up to date. Be sure to include jumper cables, flashlight, flares or reflectors, first-aid kit, non-perishable snacks and bottled water, a basic toolkit, and a car charger for your phone.


  1. Maximize Travelling Comfort: Clean your vehicle inside and out. A fresh and organized car will make your journey more enjoyable. If your adventure includes the great outdoors, consider adding weatherproof floor mats if you don’t have them already.


  1. Auto Educate: Read and review your car’s owner’s manual about proper maintenance of your vehicle. Ask us any questions you may have.


Relax and enjoy your summer road trip adventures knowing that your car is ready to take you safely wherever you decide to go.


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