Hybrid Car Repair in Columbia, MD

by | May 11, 2012 | BA Auto Care News, Car Problems & Repairs

If you are looking for a place to service your hybrid car in Columbia, MD, here at BA Auto Care we provide hybrid car repairs and services. In fact, as advocates of protecting the environment, we’ve made sure to keep up with hybrid car technology and to ensure we have highly qualified auto techs on hand to provide hybrid car service. This includes hybrid car battery replacement service.

Honda Civic hybrids have been around for a while, so some of the earlier adopters are likely to need a hybrid battery replacement. The other day one of our customers brought in his Honda Civic hybrid vehicle for a battery replacement.

While watching one of our auto technicians work on the car I wondered how many of our customers knew what was involved in a hybrid car battery replacement. I figured that showing some of the actual hybrid car servicing process can help people to understand what’s involved in a hybrid car battery replacement, so we shot a brief video.

On the Civic hybrid, you need to remove part of the seat back in order to replace the battery. As you can see in the photo, the seat back is covered with a protective metal shield. Additionally, you can see the battery there. Our auto mechanics wear insulated rubber gloves during the process in order to ensure their safety.

Check out this brief video showing a quick look at a hybrid battery replacement that was performed by Ben, one of our auto technicians.

If your hybrid car is in need of servicing, or if you have questions. Give us a call or schedule an appointment.


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