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Is Your Car Shaking? 3 Common Problems That Cause Cars to Vibrate

Brian England, Tue, Feb 19, 2013

shaking carHave you ever been driving your car and it shook so much you felt like you were on an amusement park ride? Well, here are three common problems that can cause a car to shake.

  1. The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires.  If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake. This shaking starts at around 50-55 miles per hour (mph).  It gets worse around 60 mph but starts to get better at high speeds.
  2. Sometimes brake rotors can be the cause of shaking.  If your steering wheel shakes while you are braking then the problem could be caused by “out of round” brake rotors.  This vibration can also be felt through your brake pedal.
  3. Another common problem that can cause shaking is when a brake caliper sticks on.  When this happens you will experience a vibration through the steering wheel starting at 45 to 50 miles per hour.  It will get very bad the faster you go, and you will also smell a burning odor when you stop.

The good news is that these problems are easily avoided or corrected.

The tire problem can be avoided by purchasing good quality tires and by having all of the tires carefully inspected when your car goes in for preventative maintenance service.

The brake problem can be avoided by including brake caliper service when your brakes are due for maintenance.  This is particularly important for vehicles that have over 75,000 miles on them.  And, like your tires, have all of your brake pads inspected as part of a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program.

In fact, by sticking to your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance program, you can avoid or predict these problems.  Normally, the brake and tire inspections are performed when you have an oil change.  In the case of customers who put very little mileage on their cars, this will be performed at the six month vehicle check-up.

Tires wearing in a strange way or having a wheel that’s out of round can both be signs of what’s causing a vibration issue.  If one of the front or rear brake pads (out of four) is seen wearing more than the other, this is a sign that the brake caliper is sticking.

There are many other things that can cause your car to shake. Please use the Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) diagnostic form on our website. This will help get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently. Or, you can download a form we developed specifically for this problem by clicking the button below.  Either of these can be taken to your auto shop to help in correctly identifying the problem.

Need to stop your car from shaking?  Make an appointment and we’ll check it out.

127 responses to “Is Your Car Shaking? 3 Common Problems That Cause Cars to Vibrate”

  1. Tessa Aura says:

    Had tires changed and struts changed in front, still car shaking . Was told i need brakes getting that done tomorrow . Mechanic said it might be loose motor mounts causing car to shake . Is that possible? Don’t want to be taken advantage of because Im a woman

  2. Thank you for helping to understand that tires can cause a car to vibrate if they don’t have the proper balancing. My wife and I were on a road trip last week, and I almost drove off the road when the car started shaking when we reached a specific speed. It seems like it would be a good thing for us to get some new tires on our vehicle.

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  4. Scott says:

    Tessa Aura did the brakes fix the problem?

  5. James says:

    Got tires balanced, alignment, new cv axles, new tie rods, new drive shaft with u joints, new sway bar and sway bar links, and still shakes at 30 mph.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      James check to see if a brake is hanging on (one wheel hotter than the rest) Brian

  6. veronica says:

    My alignment is off a little but on Friday after almost bogging down in on muddy ground, my van started pulling HARD to the right and shaking vibrations can definitely be felt through the van.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Veronica, It sounds like one of the brakes has locked up, check to see if one wheel is getting hotter, the mud could of aggravated an existing issue. Certainly get it check right away! Brian

  7. Nick says:

    I got a vehicle brought to my town by sea recently. It was driven 500 miles to the port prior to this and the issue I’m having didn’t manifest itself during that time.

    When driving at low speeds there is no problem, but when we’ve been going about about 40/50mph the car starts to develop a thumping shudder. This starts small at first but develops until you can feel the whole car jolting with the shudder – which feels as though it’s coming from the back of the vehicle. Once we slow down to around 10/15mph the shuddering stops and then might not start for another day or so. This doesn’t happen every time. If links are allowed, it’s uploaded here: https://imgur.com/a/jadPhKt

    Do you have any guesses or advice?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Nick, What is the year make and model of the vehicle? My first thoughts is there a brake hanging on, drive the car 5 miles theN stop and feel each wheel. If one is hotter than the rest you have your answer. All the best. Brian

  8. NickF says:

    I have an older Ford Falcon car (from 2003) and some days the steering wheel shakes at higher speeds (around 90- 110 km/h). It seems to be worse when the road is bending left or right. Also, when I gently press on the breaks, it gets even worse. Even if I travel on the same road and same speeds every day, sometimes none of these issues appear. I will have the mechanic inspect the car next week. From the article presented here, it doesn’t seem to be caused by the tires being out of balance. Also, the breaks don’t seem to stick, after a shaky ride it doesn’t smell like hot break calipers. Because the problem comes and goes, there is some intermittent issue.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Nick, It’s hard to think of something other than brakes that would be intermittent. Check to see if one wheel is warmer than the others after a five mile drive. Brian

  9. Pule says:

    Hi I am driving opel corsa 2009 model, once I start the ignition the steering wheel start shaking even when I am driving. What could be the cause here?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Starla, To eliminate it being the brakes drive the car for five miles, stop and feel all the wheels if one is hotter than the rest then it could be a brake caliper issue. If you go to the BA website then you can download the NVH diagnostic form, this will help you or a technician zero in on the cause. Brian

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Pule, It sounds like an engine mount issue if it vibrates standing still. Brian

  10. Starla says:

    hi my car is a Nissan versa 2008, my shaking starts around 40mph. I just had new brakes and rotors put on, so what could be my issue?

  11. Penny says:

    Hi I have a 2010 GMC journey. We bought all new tires and had them spin balanced and put on. It shakes in the front as well as the steering wheel when you do 55 and 0ver. We have had them rebalanced 3 times by different places but still dose the same thing. We replaced the inner and outer tiered and both ball joints. What else could be cuaseing the front to shake so? The back shakes some also. Thanks.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Penny, There are many things that could cause these symptoms and a systematic approach is needed. Start by downloading the NVH form from the BA Auto Care website. Fill this out and take it to a skilled technician who should test drive the vehicle and confirm the issue then go through a step process.One final thing were the tires balanced with a Road Force Balancer?
      Hope this helps. Brian

  12. Penny says:

    Thank you so much for your advice. Yes, the tires were balanced each time with Road Force Balancers. Last night my husband took off the front left tire and discovered a 3oz weight that was in between the tire and the front wheel cover. What are the odds of that! Ha ha. Even stranger was the fact we never heard any noise
    coming from the tire, ect. He had a heck of a time but was able to remove it. Still shakes but we will have that one tire rebalanced and hope for the best. Thanks again.

  13. Pam says:

    I have a 2005 Mitsubishi galant, at low speeds the steering wheel shakes, it gets worse at higher speeds feeling like the whole car is shaking. If I take my hands off the wheel it doesn’t veer off to either side.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Pam, Download the NVH dialogistic form from the BA Auto Care website, fill it out and take to a technician, this well help him to find the problem. Brian

  14. Teddy Brzeski says:

    My shaking is intermitant .yes driver side wheel is warmer after a drive .im goi g to try and rebuild caliper today .but it shakes more so when going slower but not all the time can it be my axels ? I have 2004 civic . i replaced ball joint tie rod ends and swaybar links on both sides .which made things better over all but i still randomly get a lot of shaking at lower speeds .i have control arms on the way .im really hoping its not my axles .inner tie rods feel solid no movement

  15. Tomeko Fuller says:

    The passenger front tire shakes at40 mph if I need boots on will it cause it to not want to go I have a full tank of gas but it acting like it don’t want to go

  16. Shane reed says:

    I drive a 2008 ford escape and I’m having some problems with the front end shaking really hard around 35 to 40 mph and gets worse as I speed up and makes the entire car shake. It’s not the tires because it’s not an everyday consistency. I’ve replaced the passenger side brake caliper 2 weeks ago because it was sticking. When the problem occurs I can usually tell when it’s about to happen when I let off the brake and start to accelerate. It feels like the brake is catching and releasing almost like a train chugging as it leaves the station. Like I said it doesn’t happen all the time but has happened more frequently. Any advice to what may be the cause? I cant afford to go to a mechanic shop and cant afford to trade it in for another bill. Please help

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Shane, Is there a possibility that the other front brake caliper is holding on? Drive vehicle for five miles then make sure both front wheels are the same temperature, or you could wait until you experience the problem then check that the wheel temperatures are the same on the same axle. (They will vary back to front). Brian

  17. Kailee says:

    Hi Brian, my car is a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe when I go above 50-80 it shakes like no other, when I press the gas it’s even worse. When I go to press the gas from 40 it’s shakes all the way up till 80 I need help figuring out what this is. It doesn’t shake unless gas is pushed or going above 50.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Kailee, It sounds like the engine is miss firing. Is the Check Engine Light on or flashing? Check out the NVH diagnosis form on the BA Auto Care website it will give you an idea of what sort of questions need to be answered to get to the bottom of this.

  18. Sylvia Takyi says:

    Hi Brian, I use a Toyota Corolla ie a 2012 model. I have balanced my tires severally but my car vibrates when speed goes beyond 80km/hr. Please can you advise me on what to do because I just changed my tyres four month ago.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Sylvia, Balancing the tires for a vibration at 80km/hr is a reasonable first step. Here are a few questions.
      Have all the steering/suspension/brakes been checked?
      Does the vibration start to go away when you go faster?
      We’re the rims checked for being true? Was the wheel balancer being used a “road force” wheel balancer?

  19. Dineo Katane says:

    Hi am Robin,my problem with my car is that when am braking the steering wheel shakes through the brake pedal,I went to buy new tyres and they made alignment,wheel balance so I really don’t know what is a problem

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Robin, It’s always good to have the steering, brakes and suspension checked before replacement of tires. If everything is 100% then install quality tires, “road force” balanced finally an alignment scan with an adjustment if needed.

      Also use a shop that understands how to diagnose a vibration, independently owned full service and repair facilities have the highest customer ratings. Tell the service writer what the symptoms are and say if everything is ok that you are interested in new tires then asked for recommendations. Put all the responsibility on the shop to fix the problem. All the best. Brian

  20. Lisa says:

    I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander. All 4 brakes and rotors have been replaced in the last 3 months with the rear being done just last week.
    It has a slight shake at 50-60 mph, but when you hit the freeway it feels as though my poor car is going to fall apart, and is pretty scary The shop I generally use is a small rural facility and no where close for them to check it at these speeds. Is there a way for them to diagnose it without driving it, or should I try to find a garage closer to a freeway so that they can experience what it is doing?
    I’ve read through the previous posts, and hate to sound redundant, but have you suggestions as to why this is happening? I thought the break job would fix it, so didn’t tell the mechanic it was occurring but has gotten even worse since they replaced the brakes.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Lisa, As it became worse after work on the brakes I’m am concerned that something has been overlooked.A brake caliper not releasing can cause the symptoms your experiencing. Start by driving for 5 miles then check to see if one of the wheels is getting hotter then the rest. Also it could be related to the tires and wheels they could of been put back in different position. Tell the repair shop all the symptoms your experiencing they should be able to get to the bottom of this.
      Hope this helps

  21. Clare says:

    I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and when I brake around 50-60 mph my steering wheel as well as my whole car shakes like crazy! Do you know what could be the cause of that?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Clare, Most times it’s a wheel balance issue but give the shop your going to the symptoms and let them be responsible for fixing the Jeep. Also pick a shop that has a “road force” wheel balancer.

  22. James D. says:

    Ive a 2015 Toyota Corolla le. Its my vehicle begun shaking (60mph and itll stopped as it accelerates) when i did my last tire rotation. I webt back and told them, and they redis the rotation and balance of my car, problem remains. I went to toyota to diagnose the problem and tol me its possible cv axle of either driver or passenger. I replaced the driver side cv axle, my car still shaking. Im planning to replace the passenger side until i browse to your website. Please help.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi James, Before replacing anymore parts double check all the basics…. tires, rims, steering, suspension and brakes. If the problem started after the tires were rotated then one of the rims or tire would be the problem. Make sure the tires are balanced using a Road Force wheel balancer. Put the best to rear.

  23. Stanley Hutchins says:

    Hey Brian
    I have 1964 Cadillac. My tires run smooth up to 45 Then at 45 they bounce like a pogo stick then at 50 mph on the are smooth again. Have balanced them at two different dealerships & even bought two new tires. Any suggestions

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Stanley, It sounds like a seized drive shaft Universal Joint, check and see if it’s rusty round one of yokes. If in doubt remove shaft and check that they are free. Brian

  24. Meggan gignac says:

    Hello I drive a 2015 Dodge Journey and it shaking when stepping on gas on highway I have new tires rotors breaks inner and outer tie rods sway bar links and also new stunts and ball joints and still shakes my mechanic is unable to diagnose

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Meggan, It sounds more like an engine misfire than a tire issue.Are there any warning lights on? Is the Check Engine Light flashing when you put your foot on the gas? More info please, check out the diagnostic forms on the BA Auto Care website to see the type of questions that need to be answered. Brian

  25. Kaitlyn Johnson says:

    I drive a 2003 Volkswagen Passat and today while accelerating on the interstate, it started violently shaking. The shaking starts when you start to accelerate close to 30mph, is the worst at 70mph and then can hardly be felt at faster speeds. We’ve checked to make sure it wasn’t the motor mount, and it wasn’t. We’re thinking maybe CV axles, but it just happened so suddenly.

  26. John says:

    Hello. My truck shudders in the rear on my initial acceleration but only from 5-10 mph, then the shuddering stops. I really appreciate your assistance.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi John, It sounds like the brakes might be hanging on, e-brake? Caliper? Cable? Perform a careful examination of all the brake components and make sure they are all working as they should. Brian

  27. Glenda says:

    I have a 2002 pontaic aztek when I start brakeing at 60 to 70 miles the car shakes what could be the problem. Also my check engine lights comes on & off and sometimes stay off While or on awhile.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Glenda, Shaking while braking is mostly caused by distorted brake rotors. To diagnose the Check Engine light the codes and data needs to be accessed this is best done by a skilled technician that knows how to interpret the information. Brian

  28. Sharon Lewis says:

    My 2005 pontiac bonneville starts to shake at around 50 – 55 then will even out at about 80 also come down the mountain as soon as i step on the brake omg the whole front end feels likes its going to shake off. Any advice would be great.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Sharon, It sounds like a tire issue coupled with out of round brake rotors. Start with check8ng the tires, all steering, suspension components and brakes. Seems like a combination of issues? Did the symptoms start at the same time. Brian

  29. Davina says:

    Really need advice, ongoing issues since I purchased 2nd hand CLK 5 months ago.
    Car shakes violently at 70 ish, taken it back to the car sales and they balanced tyres = no improvement.
    Tyre blow out on the motorway (Rac did not show up until 3hrs later) turned out both front tyres damaged and illegal! It was bold on the outside and almost new in the inner.
    1. Replaced both front tyres with Goodyear £180 and balanced. A bit better but still vibrates a bit at speed.
    2. Had car aligned with Jon Bear machine £45 as the steering was not straight and was told by Rac, this caused tyre to blow out = 90 pc better, now only vibrates a little.
    3. Had wheel straightened today, they showed me the vibration on a machine £40 = unfortunately no difference
    What is there left for me to do?
    1. Have the rear wheels checked for any buckles?
    2. Suspension?
    3. Brakes?
    The vibration is so light now, it’s hard to tell if it vibrates during braking 🤷‍♀️
    I can tell you though, the steering wheel does not seem to vibrate… it feels as though it’s coming from underneath rather than the steering wheel.
    Hope you can help 🙏

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Davin, These cars are sensitive when it comes to tires, if it’s only a little vibration now maybe wait a while and see if it gets any worse. That is as long as all the basics have been checked.

      All the tires should be balanced with a “road force” wheel balancer. (There’s no substitute)

      The final thing is to go to the BA Auto Care website and print out the NVH dialogistic form, use this to document the issue and it will help the technician get to the bottom of this.

  30. jimmy thibodeaux says:

    i have had both front wheel hub assembly’s replaced,had front tires replaced with used tires,had 4 wheel alignment done,had wire on back right wheel assembly reconnected due to it breaking from wear, dash lights and notifications would show abs,esc and traction control failing (lights will go off but come back on from time to time) had break warning light come on but went away after wire was reconnected (light comes on at least 1 time a day) had midas tell me the driver side rear wheel assembly needs replaced (not to sure about it had a different mechanic tell me its fine) i drive a 09 chevy hhr

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Jimmy, You might need someone to take it apart to confirm the issue. Sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion but I prefer it when you pay someone to diagnose a problem that they take the responsibility of fixing it. Brian

  31. Chen says:

    Hi Brian. I am Chen. I live in Thiland and happen to buy a brand new Isuzu Pickup truck. I have my wheels and tires changed from 16″ OEM to 18″ aftermarket wheels and tires. The wheels and tires are brand new. The wheels and tires are well balanced. However, when I speed up my car to 70 mph or around 110 km/hr, my steering wheel shake. The vibration goes away when it exceed 75 mph or about 120 km/hr. Is there anything I should look into in order to fix this problem. Thank you very much!

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Chen,Were the new wheels and tires balanced using a Road Force Wheel Balancer? If not try that first and let me know how you get on. Brian

  32. Trevor Knight says:

    Brian, I have a 2016 Honda Odyssey. My wife said the car was rattling and took it for service. They sold her two new tires,front and rear brake pads and rotors and an alignment. She still has the issue. I drove the van and its fine up until about 60mph and then it feels it is going to fall apart. I took it back and they said a one ounce weight was wrong and it would be corrected but its the same issue. I will check and see if one wheel is hotter, I feel like the shake is from the rear of vehicle but I can’t be certain. No issues on braking or lower speeds. What is your thoughts?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Trevor, Yes start with checking for a caliper holding on then I think I need to pin you down on the symptoms. You mention a rattle and a feeling that it’s falling apart? Were either of these symptoms made better by all the work? I would give the shop one more chance to find the problem, they are responsible if they said the work performed was going to fix the problem. Let me know how it goes. Brian

  33. Michael W Falk says:

    Hi. I have a 2013 terrain. Just put on new brakes and rotors all around 2 weeks ago. We just got back from a 3500 mile trip and the vehicle while braking between 40-30 mph vibrates the goes away at lower and higher speeds while braking. What would cause this? Thanks Mike

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Michael, Sounds like the rotors are are distorted. This some times happens with new rotors especially cheap ones. Also make the rear brakes and working at full efficiency. Brian

  34. Kevin says:

    I just got a 6 inch lift kit and 35 inch m/t tires on my 2014 ram and now it has a slight shake at 10 mph and a slight vibration at 15mph if i accelerate slow it doesn’t do it. Any suggestions

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Kevin, I’m thinking the vibration could be related to the drive shaft alignment. Where are you feeling the vibration? Steering? Whole vehicle? Brian

  35. Kevin Clark says:

    It feels like it is coming from the rear end.

  36. Kevin Clark says:

    Ok thank you

  37. Habborlore Rhotimy says:

    I have a Toyota camry 1997 model the vibrates while accelerating @ high speed starting from 100km

  38. Garland Mccoy says:

    I have a 2001 Ford 350 pickup and the truck has once again started to shake up and down particularly at lower speeds… I have put the truck in neutral to make sure it’s not the engine or transmission… the tires were the problem before and got tires up front replaced two years back but they are almost new in that I don’t drive the truck a lot… I do however think it’s the tires once again as when I brake it’s smooth… thoughts… btw it’s a diesel with the 7.3 engine so I want to keep it going.,.. when it runs on the highway it’s great… so far problem is at 25-45 mph

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Garland, The speed range of the vibration points towards a worn drive shaft universal joint or a brake hanging on. Check for a braking hanging on first because that a simple process of driving for 5 minutes and seeing if one wheel is hotter than the rest. To check the drive shaft, remove and check the UJ’s are free and have zero play(wear). Brian

  39. Michael Treshler says:

    Hello, I have a 2005 honda accord. I’m having some issues with my car shaking/vibrating. When I hit around 50-60 mph the steering wheel starts to shake but then stops when I go over 70 mph or so. The steering wheel then starts to shake again pretty bad whenever I hit the brakes and does so till I come to a complete stop but it gets better as I slow down. Can you help me with the problem? I’m guessing it’s probably a couple of things like tire rotation and rotors but I was told it could be the calipers sticking also.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Yes Michael you are having some serious issues, I think it’s important to have all the basics checked. Most manufacturers recommend this be part of an on going process, so for future reference I suggest that you follow this and prevent problems.

      So start by having the steering, suspension and brakes checked by a skilled technician this will take the guess work out and save money in the long run. From what you are experiencing I think you find it’s a combination of problems. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

  40. Herney Hernandez says:

    Hello! I have a 2012 honda civic and I bought it recently, and when the car starts to vibrate when I go over 60+ mph, the vibration/shaking starts to get worse the faster the car goes, below 60- 50ish I do have no vibration/shaking. Do you know what could the problem be? Thanks 🙂

  41. Holly Moore says:

    Got a shake at 70 brakes are ok they are all same temp there new brakes rotors CV axle bearings sway bushings lower control arm in front but still shakes at 70 or higher why

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Holly, What part of the vehicle is shaking? Steering wheel? See the diagnostic form NVH on the BA Auto website, answering the questions can help pinpoint the problem. Brian

  42. denise newman says:

    I have a 2001 jeep cherokee, and it shakes once i hit 50 mph i got new rotors new brakes and new caliber on the driver side front and its still shaking…please help

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Denise, Vibrations that start at around 50mph are normally related to tire, rim or balancing issues. The basics should be checked first, suspension, steering components…..
      Hope this helps. Brian

  43. ramiro says:

    I have a 98 corolla and it gets rather shaken at around 75-80 mph

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Ramiro, With this old of vehicle have all the steering and suspension parts checked carefully. If they are ok then move to checking rims and tires if they are ok have them road force balanced. Or slow down to 70 mph :)!

  44. Peggy Adams says:

    I have a 2000 Camaro convertible that vibrates at the steering wheel just before 45mph. I have had it to 2 dealerships and no one could find the cause. I kept asking if it were the tires, but they blew me off. I recently had all four tires replaced, and that helped some, but the steering wheel still shakes a bit. As soon as I go over 45, the shake goes away.

  45. Aida Ismail says:

    Hi, i just bought a secondhand 1999 honda crv and just recently changed the axle spindle. If i drive it above 55-70mph my car shakes like crazy. It couldnt be the transmission since it’s still below 100k mile and i just got 2 new front tires. The vibration comes from the front. I told the mechanic thay the car might need alignment but they told me that i dont. What do i do? Thank you.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Aida, On the BA Auto Care website there are diagnostic forms, chose the NVH form fill it out and take it to a repair facility that will diagnose your problem. You should expect to pay up to an hours labor for this work. Brian

  46. Ryan says:

    Hello, I have. 2005 Chevy Colorado, I have a shake that starts around 45 mph and goes away around 55 mph. Just had all 4 tires balanced and none of them are hotter than the other after a drive. Doesn’t shake when braking only at the 45-55 speeds. Please help.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Ryan, The speed at which the vibration occurs suggests this could be driveline related. Brian

  47. Andrew Brown says:

    Hi Brian, I have a 2007 Nissan Titan 4×4 that previously drove smooth. I installed a small lift, struts, wheel bearings, tie rods, and ball joints. At the same time I put new tires on OEM chrome wheels from a salvaged Titan.

    I have a vibration in the seat/floorboard from 55-60 that stops at 60. It is ALWAYS at 55-60, even when i shift the transmission into neutral, and doesn’t depend on accelerating or braking. I have rotated the tires multiple times and the vibration is identical. My tire shop has balanced them multiple times.

    I checked all my suspension parts and everything looks great. I added 2 degree axle pinion shims thinking it was driveline angles, but nothing has changed. I would appreciate your opinion.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Andrew, Make sure there not a brake caliper dragging (feel wheels they should be the same temperature after a five mile drive). Next have all the wheels “road force balanced” select the best ones and put them on the front. All the best.

  48. Shaz says:

    Hi Brian
    I drive a Vauxhall Corsa D 07 plate and when I drive up to 60mph the whole car shakes, but then when reaching higher it stops shaking? Had MOT and service last year and they didn’t pick up anything? What would be your opinion ?
    Hope to hear off you soon,

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Shaz, It sounds like a wheel balance issue, vibration starts around 55 fades around 65. I would have the basics checked, steering suspension and brakes if all 100% then have all the wheels “road forced” balanced. All the best, Brian

  49. Yiro Vu says:

    Hey Brian hope I can get a reply from you I have a 2015 Acura TLX 3.5L V6 and my car starts to shake at around 65 MPH if I stop accelerating the shaking stops if I hit the accelerator even a little it shakes and doesn’t stop until my car is going below 65 mph or I don’t accelerate if I floor it at 60 I can pass the vibration and shakiness and get to 80mph but again if I have my foot on the accelerator even the slightest *shake**shake**shake*

  50. Youngdjredz says:

    Hi I have a issue …I drive alittle more aggressive than my car would like but this never happened before. When I drive I don’t get vibration but when I brake from let’s say around 80 mph that car shakes like the wheels are about to come off ….if I drive regular like 40-60 I can drive all day and not feel that ..but if I pass 60 when I hit the brake that happens and when it happens it doesn’t stop unless I start driving slow n I guess let my brakes cool down or something cuz after a while it will calm down till I start speeding again and boom right back …anyone got answers?

    Ps. This started happening about a year after I got my front calipers and roaters replaced and also I recently got my rear brakes and roaters replaced and they said my front brakes look good so they look good on the outside so idk what the problem is.

    2014Fwd Hyundai sonata if need a make n modle

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi, There are so many variables here! but start with the basics. Make sure all the steering and suspension components are in good condition, balance the all wheels with “road force balancer”. If all these items are perfect then it’s down to the brake rotors being an issue, even if new quality matters. Poor quality brake components can cause these symptoms. It seems like the rotors are distorting when pushed to the limit! Hope this helps. Brian

  51. Nikki says:

    I have a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville V6 3.8. I was just stopped at a red light, barely took my foot off the brake to roll forward a bit and when I completely reapplied the brake the whole car felt like it was shaking back and forth. Any thought as to what this could possibly be?

  52. Jordan Moeller says:

    Help me please! I have a 2002 vw GTI and it recently started shaking horribly in the rear end after an e-brake repair. At about 45mph it starts shaking side to side in the rear end but the shake is not present under 45mph. What can I do to fix this? I love this car and I don’t want it to have something severe wrong with it

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Jordan, I would have the recent e-brake repair checked, it sounds like the brake caliper is locked on. It should be very clear what’s going on. Also feel the rear wheels see if they are getting hot after 3-4 mile drive. Brian

  53. Navdeep Dhillon says:

    Hi sir..my car starts vibrating from 60mph to 80mph and then stops vobrating after 80mph..What would be the reason..plz advice.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Navdeep, What part of the car shakes? The steering? Whole car? Are there any warning lights on? Brian

  54. Jamie says:

    Hi there,got a Citroen c5 when I get to around 30 mph it vibrates and shakes feels like the front driver side but defo the front when I go faster it isn’t as bad,what do you think can be the problem?

  55. Justin says:

    I have a 2010 Chevy Malibu and my question is every time I take the car out on the highway and get up to highway speed‘s about 75mph 85 mph My whole car shakes but I do not fill it in the steering wheel or the brake pedal when I press the break and I don’t feel it when I accelerate it’s just when I get it up to high speed would you be able to please help me solve the issue

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Justin, I’m thinking it might be related to the wheels and tires, start with having all the tires rims checked if they are a 100% then have all all 4 Road Forced Balanced. The steering and suspension should be checked next. If all of these items are 100% then it’s driveline related.

  56. John says:

    I have a 2008 Toyota Tacoma. When accelerating at low speeds(15-45 mph), randomly it will begin to vibrate. Its hard to pinpoint the vibration source, but you can definitely feel it in the steering wheel and in your feet. It’s not bad enough to make you lose any type of control. If you keep accelerating it keeps vibrating, but as soon as you let off the gas it stops and you can continue to accelerate. It has become something I am used to and am so fast to let off the gas and begin accelerating again I almost forget it happens. I have asked mechanics about it, but they never seem to know or have an answer. It has been doing it for a few years and never caused any issues that I am aware of.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi John, The most common reasons for a low speed vibration are, a distorted wheel or tire, driveline issue or brakes sticking on. If you go to http://www.baautocare.com and click on diagnostic forms, chose NVH and fill this out, it will help guide a skilled technician. There no reason you should have to put up with something like this for years! Ridiculous!

  57. Neil A Rodrigues says:

    You all are forgetting that worn shocks or struts will cause wheel hop and vibration…

  58. Teressa Puchalaki says:

    Have a 2010 535ix BMW just had ball joints and control arms changed..after 1 week my car is shaking when I accelerate?

  59. Huggin says:

    Hi Brian

    I’ve got a Landcruiser Amazon TD. There’s a shudder on full throttle and goes if I take reduce the throttle. It is felt throughout the floor of the vehicle. There’s the same shudder but slightly more intense when the vehicle is around the 75mph mark but does away when I accelerate more it or reduce speed. That shudder isn’t there over 85mph. Wheels are balanced, steering rack was changed and suspension seems ok too. Do you think it is a drive shaft/ Universal joints issue? TIA, looking forward to your expert opinion.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Huggin, Interesting! My first thought was the engine is misfiring, but before going in that direction I would check for any driveshaft wear and be sure that there’s not a brake caliper hanging up. Driveshaft issues normally occur around 45 mph so I would be surprised if that is the issue. Sorry I’m not much help, it’s one of those cases were the technician needs to drive the vehicle and experience the issue. Brian

  60. Cody Richard Reinfelder says:

    I just had my rotors, pads, and calipers replaced and it has a slight vibration after 55. I am going to fill all my tires and see what happens.

  61. Rod says:

    Hi Brian, I have a 2012 mini Cooper country s.my front end starts to shake when I accelerate between 55 and 65 mph also when accelerating going up a hill. Could you help me out please. Thx!

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Rod, After making sure the steering, suspension and tires are in good shape I would “road force” balance all the tires and see if that helps. Brian

  62. Bdavis82 says:

    Front driver side wheel shakes when braking and driving at speeds of 40mph and above.
    What could be the issue.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      If the tire, steering and suspension are in perfect condition then look for an issue like the brake caliper hanging on. Brian

  63. Christina Floyd says:

    Thank you so much for putting this up! I just had brakes and rotors done and car started shaking like crazy at about 45 mph on a 1 hr commute. Me: and this is how I die 🤣. I have a feeling my mechanic rotated my tires not realizing the back are slightly bigger than the front and mixed them. Or like I see in your post brake might be sticking. Easy fix I’ll be seeing him tomorrow. Again thank you for this article.

  64. Brandon says:

    Hey Brian, thanks for all the advise you’ve been giving to folks over the years. Quick question about my 2005 Toyota Corolla. I took it in to a shop I trust around two months ago, and they diagnosed a stuck parking break. They loosened that up, and about 2 weeks ago i noted some noise when braking at slow speeds (coming to a gradual stop under 10mph) that is a cyclical sound (a rotating groaning noise). I also have recently noted vibration in my steering wheel at around 60-70 mph (it doesn’t really show up until at least 55mph, and seemed to get slightly better over 70mph. Could I be dealing with a bad wheel bearing/hub assembly? Or is it possible an issue of wheels out of balance (for the driving condition) and a separate issue of needing the drum breaks being adjusted or issues with contact between the drum and other suspension parts?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Brandon, From your description it sounds like the front tires are out of balance, have the tires checked for being in good condition and if ok “road forced balanced”.

      As for the noise that could be brake caliper related. What repairs did they perform to loosen the parking brake? Brian

  65. Ceci says:

    I had front and brake pads and disc rotor replaced and no matter speed fast or slow, I feel shaking, even head rest back. Sometimes pedal can feel bouncing

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Ceci, Sounds more like you have a tire issues, make sure they are all perfect shape and road forced balanced. Have the brakes been carefully evaluated? Calipers? Emergency brake? We’re the pads and rotors replaced to fix the vibration problem? Brian

  66. Jeremy P says:

    Hi Brian,

    2006 Toyota Caldina ST246
    Steering wheel vibration at 90kms and above while accelerating.
    Car needs new front brake rotors anyway so hoping that may fix it.
    Have eliminated bad tyres as the issue as the old set and the new set both cause the same issue, but have not had them balanced or wheel alignment. What would you suggest my first move should be?

    Kind Regards,

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Jeremy, It’s very important to have all 4 wheels balanced, with a Roadforce Balancer if possible. What part of the car is shaking and does the vibration go away at higher speeds? Brian

  67. […] The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake. If your steering wheel shakes while you are braking then the problem could be caused by “out of round” brake rotors. This vibration can also be felt through your brake pedal. via […]

  68. […] The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake. This shaking starts at around 50-55 miles per hour (mph). If your steering wheel shakes while you are braking then the problem could be caused by “out of round” brake rotors. via […]

  69. Hi, Brian

    I drive a 2006 Toyota Matrix and I did wheel balancing with alignment but it still shakes at 80-100. A mechanic said it’s the brake disc but it doesn’t vibrate when braking, just at high speed. Another thing is that in not sure the wheel balancing dude rotated the tyres after removing them. What else can I do?

  70. Carhamro says:

    Thank you. loved your article. It was really helpful for my business.
    Wish to see more in coming days.

  71. Stephanie says:

    Hi, hope this isn’t too late, I’m having an issue with vibration in my wheel. I just had an alignment and balancing done on my car. Any issue that could have caused it I’ve fixed. In the past few months I’ve replaced all 4 brake pads and rotors, both front calipers are brand new, and both lower control arm bushings are new and the alignment was just done a few days ago as well as the balancing. Steering wheel is still vibrating at highway speeds. I’m getting tired of trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. Any idea what it might be or am I just getting unlucky with shops not balancing and aligning it correctly. Thanks so much.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Stephanie, Yes it’s a little late but you have touched on the important things.My goal is to encourage drivers to let the technician diagnose the vibration not go through a checklist of possible causes. This is why we like to have the “Noise Vibration Harshest” form filled out then we go through a number of steps to zero in on the cause of the problem. You can find this form on the BA Auto Care website, look for “diagnostic forms”.

      That being said

      What speed does the vibration start and finish, what part of the car shakes, do you feel it through your hands? the seat? What make year and model of car. Let’s see if I can steer you in the right direction. Take care. Brian

  72. Ann Deavers says:

    My son just had new wheels put on his 2014 Toyota Tacoma and now the front end is shaking at 50 mph. The tire shop has checked the balance twice and they are still vibrating. HELP!

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Ann, I would check that the wheels are compatible. If the original wheels were ok the new ones could be an issue. Also make that the tire store is using a road force wheel balancer. Brian

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