How We Helped Save a BMW Owner over $9000

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Auto Tips, BA Auto Care News, Buying/Selling

We love it when we can save our customers’ money.  Recently a customer called about a 2012 BMW X3 with 112,000 miles on it.  She wanted a second opinion on a transmission.

The customer had taken her BMW to the dealer for a whining noise.  The dealer told her that the transmission needed to be replaced, and that it would cost about $10,000.  Since it was such an expensive repair the customer took the vehicle to a transmission shop to get a second opinion.  The transmission shop told her the noise was coming from a pulley in the engine.  Realizing it may not be the transmission and that she may not need a transmission expert, she then decided to drive it over to us at BA Auto Care.  Our automotive technician, Stephen, brought it in the shop and within 1 ½ hours determined it was a bad belt tensioner assembly. The final bill was $505.00 including the diagnostics and the repair. Sounds a lot better that $10,000; wouldn’t you agree?

Needless to say the customer was ecstatic! The worst part about this story is that when the transmission shop told her the transmission was good, she called the BMW dealer.  He said he would call her back, but never did!

The customer assured us, we have another car to take care of for her for another 100,000 miles.

Thanks to Zane, our service manager, for sharing this story, and to Stephen for the expert diagnostics and repair!

Need a second opinion on your BMW?  Make an appointment to have us take a look at your vehicle.


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