10 Tips to Save Gas and Spend Less Money at the Pump

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Auto Tips, Car Problems & Repairs

Gas prices are skyrocketing but you still need your car to get you to work, run errands and enjoy your life. Here are 10 tips to take the pressure off your wallet and keep you on the road:

    1. Tires: Tire pressures play a key role in fuel economy. Under-inflated tires significantly lower your mpg.

    2. Lower Speeds: Lowering your speed on the highway can save a lot of gas. Drive at 70 mph, and you will be getting at least 5% fewer miles-per-gallon than if you drive at 55!

    3. Less Weight: Extra weight uses more gas, keep your trunk empty. Accessories, such as luggage, ski racks and car top carriers add weight and increase wind resistance. If you have a turtle or car top carrier and are not using it, remove it. If you’re going on a trip, using a car-top carrier, or towing a trailer will decrease your gas mileage.

    4. Preventative Maintenance: An engine that is not regularly serviced will burn more gas. Preventive maintenance saves you money overall, by maintaining your car’s fuel economy.

    5. Drive gently: Control your right foot! Gentle acceleration and gentle braking can save you up to 10% of your gas used. So, take it slowly and save gas. Judge your stopping distance and slow down early when approaching red lights. If you don’t have to come to a complete stop, you will save gas and money.

    6. Air-Conditioner: Using the air conditioner can use more gas. However, at highway speeds, you’re better off with the windows closed and the air conditioner running because open windows at high speeds produce a lot of drag. At lower speeds, such as in city traffic, opening the windows will not significantly increase the vehicle’s drag.

    7. Avoid Stop and Go Traffic: Use routes with less traffic and fewer stop signs/stoplights. Keep a safe following distance from cars in front of you to avoid hard and regular braking. Less frequent braking makes it easier to maintain a steady speed.

    8. Drive Less: This seems obvious, but there are many ways to drive less. Consolidate your errands and consider carpooling to work.

    9. Use the correct gas: If the manufacturer’s handbook says use 87 octane, use 87 octane! Using a higher octane will not make your engine run better. If your vehicle’s recommended octane is 91 or higher, don’t use a lower octane.

    10. Alternative Transport: How about investigating public transport? There are now many train and bus services in this area. Also, maybe it’s time to use that bike that’s been sitting idle!


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