Should You Buy Tires at an Auto Repair Shop, a Tire Shop or Online?

by | Dec 20, 2011 | Auto Questions, Auto Tips

So…how exactly do you figure out the best place to purchase auto tires?  What should you be looking for?  Is the internet the best place to buy or should you just go to a tire shop?  These are probably the kind of questions that go through your mind when you have to replace your automobile tires.

Well, when it comes to tires there are many things to consider. If you’ve already found a good auto repair shop that you trust, chances are that shop is going to be the best place to go for your new tires.  This is because you want to go to a place where they know your car and are going to look after your tires when there is an issue, puncture, tire wear, etc.

Many years ago British American Auto Care didn’t sell tires because we thought we couldn’t beat the mass merchandisers on price, but we ended up getting fed up.  So many of our customers were coming in to our shop with complaints about auto handling and vibration problems caused by poor quality tires that we had to take action.  We stepped in and began selling quality tires. We started selling thousands of dollars of tires a month, and slowly, as our customers took our advice, the handling and vibration problems went away.

You may think that a shop that specializes in tires will be more likely to have the tire you need in stock, but it may just be that they end up selling you the tire they do have in stock, not necessarily the best choice for you.

We purchase tires from warehouses that have staffs with decades of experience on tires, and now we sell tires at a competitive price that includes installation, balancing and road hazard care.  This translates to great, one stop shopping for you that you may not get at your local tire shop or mass merchandiser.

Some customers are tempted to buy tires online, but the problem with this is the split responsibility of having someone different to install the tires. We have sometimes had to source hard to find tires online, and we have never been happy about they way they arrive. It seems that people believe that just because tires are made of something that is flexible they don’t have to use care in transporting them.  This is far from the truth.

Having one place responsible for 1) advice on the proper tires for your car, 2) installation and 3) warranting the tires is the best way to go, and if that place knows you and your car, then all the better.


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