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7 Common Repair Problems Mini Cooper Owners Face

Brian England, Mon, Feb 03, 2014

7 Common Problems Mini Cooper Owners FaceMini Coopers can be great fun to drive, but sometimes problems do crop up.  This covers the seven most common problems we run across in servicing Mini Coopers.

1. Failed Electric Power Steering Pumps – Electric power steering pumps can be prone to failure.  If your power steering pump has to be replaced it is a good idea to check out the cooling fan and other related parts while the vehicle is apart.

2. Clutch Failure – Early clutch failures seem to be related to hard use.

3. Transmission Issues – Problems with the automatic transmission come down to the manufacturers saying that their transmissions do not need fluid changes.  This is a big problem because not changing the transmission fluid will cause it to fail early. Changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 to 40,000 miles will save thousands of dollars in repairs. The CVT transmissions installed before 2008 should have regular oil changes; however the 5 speed automatic transmissions used on most Minis are much more reliable.

4. Rattling Timing Chains – Timing chains can start rattling.  This problem can be worse when the engine is idling.  This is a fairly major repair, but do not ignore it or you could end up with some major problems. It seems like this issue is also related to not changing the transmission oil/fluid often enough. (See number 6)

5. Water Pump and Thermostat Housing Leak – If your Mini Cooper has over 50,000 miles you should consider replacing the water pump and thermostat.  This can save hours of labor if you replace them before finding a leak.

6. Performance Issues Related to Variable Valve Timing (VVT) – This can happen when the oil is not changed enough. The VVT requires a good flow of oil to operate the system.  When the oil is not changed, sludge builds up and blocks the tiny passages.

The Radiator Support for a Mini CooperIf this happens, we suggest changing the oil to try and let the detergent in the oil clean the oily supply passages.  To prevent the problem, change the oil as soon as it gets dirty, even if it’s after a couple of thousand miles. If the passages are not blocked completely this might solve the problem.

7. Damaged Front Radiator Support – The front radiator support is made of plastic and it supports the radiator, fan, and condenser. It sits very low, and it doesn’t take much to damage the support. Just a moderate impact on a high curb can cause a lot of damage. The lower coolant hose sits even lower and if this is hit it can also cause a lot of damage, so be sure to take care when parking your car.

That said, don’t let this list alarm you.  Mini Coopers aren’t the most expensive cars to purchase new, and with regular maintenance, depending on the type of driving you do, the cars are designed to last a long time. Mini Cooper maintenance costs are in line with other performance cars.


97 responses to “7 Common Repair Problems Mini Cooper Owners Face”

  1. Victor Cooper says:

    Good information to know about your mini Cooper, thanks

  2. Tracie says:

    Thanks for the information. Hear the same about the transmission oil . I have an manual 6 speed transmission should I change the oil in my transmission also?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Tracie, Yes it’s good to change the manual transmission fluid but it’s not as critical as an automatic transmission. Brian

  3. Steve says:

    Thank you for your information, I’m currently thinking about buying a 2012 mini. This info will definitely play a part in my decision.

  4. Tony Guillory says:

    I am looking at purchasing a used 2007 mini s convertible with 77k on the odo. I only plan to drive occasionally and will primarily use as a flat tow behind my rv. Price is 4500. When should the Supercharger be serviced? Also, is the wiring as bad as some other comments (in other articles) suggest?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Tony, The only maintenance needed to protect the engine components like the turbo is regular oil changes. I suggest 5-7500 mile intervals, if driven hard all the time then less. Check the service records to see that this has been done or you will inherit a lot of problems! Brian

  5. Chris says:

    HI, Thank you. I am thinking of buying a 2013/2014 Mini Cooper S. is this a good reliable purchase?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Chris, They can be a good buy if it’s been looked after, that is the manufacturers Preventive Maintenance has been performed. (Not a quick lube now and again!) Ask to see the maintenance records.
      Also have a PrePurchase Inspection by a service facility that is familiar with the Mini.

  6. Ezra martinez says:

    Has anyone had issues with driving on a hot day after about 60 miles the car starts losing power and sputtering …
    Stoping to put fuel seems like a temporary fix to compleat the trip

  7. Dana Miniard says:

    I had a similar problem today. At highway speeds I noticed the tachometer would hunt a few rpm before shifting. Slowing down to street speed. It acted like it wanted to stall. 2008 Cooper automatic. 6 speed.

  8. Nancy says:

    I have a 2013 Mini Coop and it hasn’t been driven in two years, what kind of maintenance should I get done?

  9. Nancy says:

    I have a 2013 Mini Coop and it hasn’t been driven in two years, what should I expect and what kind of maintenance should be done?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Nancy, I recommend a complete vehicle safety check over after getting it started. Starting it may involve a battery, fresh gas etc. Some of the issues you might face are rusty brake rotors, seized brake components, tires with flat spots.
      All the best. Brian

  10. Mrs Corrinne Sorensen says:

    Looking to purchase a 2008 mini cooper d with 100k on the clock, I currently have a cmax the same age with 70k, would I be mad to swap? Anything I should check whilst viewing?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Corrinne,I think you will be swapping a vehicle that requires less maintenance and repairs for the opposite! But you will have a fun vehicle and if you budget for the extra cost then it’s fine. Finally have the Mini checked out top to bottom before you buy. All the best. Brian

  11. Elise says:

    Hi Brian,
    I have a 2011 mini Cooper. I have intermittent exterior light problem. Light on the dash said there was a problem but when checked all fine but yesterday had no lights apart from to flash on high beam. Lights all came on once ignition turned off then on again. I would value your help. Elise

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Elise, This is going to take a skilled technician to track down, I would suggest filling out the electrical diagnostic form that you can find at the BA Auto Care website, go resources then to diagnostic forms. This will help the technician isolate the problem it will also help in the search for a “pattern failure”. Hope this helps. Brian

  12. Sara says:

    Hi, I’m planning on purchasing a 2005 mini with 67000 miles on it for $3995. Is it a good but for the price and mileage. I need it as an everyday commuter car. I’ve had BMW before and had a very bad experience with it. Please give me some hope and faith with regain trust in a German car. Thanks

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Sara, A 15 year old Mini is not a good candidate for an everyday commuter car. A fun weekend car yes but as a reliable day to day car no. In the off chance that this car was impeccably maintained and has zero issues at this time in might just might be worth considering.

  13. nancy says:

    what year is the first and second generation i am looking at a 2015 mini with 38430 miles 6 speed is that a second generation and what kind of problems should I look for

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Nancy, This blog doesn’t apply to the 2015 Mini. Three things, make sure it’s had all the factory maintenance not just an oil change now and again. give it a good test operate all the systems lastly have it checked by a technician that knows Mini Coopers. Brian

  14. Robert Brewer says:

    I have a 2013 Mini Countryman and it had a check engine light. The air mixer was replaced and drove for 50 miles and when I did a state inspection it failed with catalytic not ready. I was told to just drive it since the mixer was replaced. By the way the the check engine light is out. Just can’t pass the state inspection

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Robert, I think it might of been too early to have it tested, wait a couple of weeks and try again. Include at least one 10 minute drive at highway speed. Brian

  15. Barb says:

    I’m looking at getting a 2009 Mini Cooper S for my son, it’s a 6 speed with 110k. Any thoughts on what to keep am eye out for?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      The main thing Barb is to make sure it’s had the correct maintenance NOT a few quick lubes. See if you can find out if it’s the original clutch, this is an expensive item to replace.(also beware young drivers can ruin clutches if they are not trained to use them correctly, riding the clutch instead of using the handbrake is a clutch killer!) I strongly recommend that you have a technician that is familiar with Mini Coopers check it out before buying.

  16. Jacques says:

    I bought a 2006 mini cooperS for only 800.00 I knew it had transmission problems but have had two diagnostic saying needs rebuilding. One guy said it was low on transmission fluid and that’s why when it was cold it ran perfectly but once the engine warmed up it started slipping at 40 miles an hour. Who do I believe? Should I pay to have him fill the transmission up and see what happens?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Jacques, Yes I would change the oil also ask the technician to check the oil carefully for any signs of metal. Hope it works out ok. Brian

  17. Dawn Hunter says:

    Hi there. I have never owned a mini. Looking at a 2010 with low miles for roughly 9000.00 . Canadian. Good deal? I was also looking at all the comments, nothing that isnt scary, but not looking for a money pit! Could use some advice. Thanks Dawn

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Dawn, It’s a good deal if it’s in good condition and been really looked after (proof of all the services and repairs) and passes a prepurchase inspection. Brian

  18. Gianluca Iorizzo says:

    Hello, I’m looking at buying a 2013 Mini Hatch One for £4,600 from a reputable garage. The vehicle comes with a full set of documents and service history. AutoTrader deems the car a ‘Low Price’ – does this deal seem too good to be true?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Gianluce, Does seem like a good deal, might be a good idea to have it independently inspected by another garage familiar with the Mini. Just remember these vehicles do need more service and repairs than most cars but they fun cars so most Mini owners accept this. All the best. Brian

  19. Tish Peterson says:

    Hi, just bought a 2005 Mini convertible on Mon!! Paid $4900 with 85,000 miles…..but now, after viewing all these comments I’m afraid I may have made a mistake!!! My opinion is this car is too much for me…all the buttons on the steering wheel remind me of playing “x-box”. God, I hope this car isnt spendy to maintain, it’s so cute but the insurance is gonna kill me!!!! Oh PLEASE God dont let this car be a lemon!!!!

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Tish, You may well be in trouble, I suggest you have a technician that knows the Mini evaluate it. Bear in mind that a 15 year old car can need lots of work unless it’s looked after. Brian

  20. Marek says:

    Hi , nice info thanks for it .

    I have one problem with cooling dose . It was changed in auto service and after few days of driving I park my car and steam was coming of the front of my car . I have no idea what it is .
    Any suggestions?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      If you don’t see any anti freeze under the car then it could be that some was spilt and you are seeing it dry out. You should take it in and have it checked. Also monitor the temperature gauge.

  21. Florence says:

    Appreciate the information. My daughter wanted to purchase a use one for her first car. Now we’re going to look into Honda civic

  22. Floyd says:

    Antifreeze goes down on a 2005 Mini Cooper but there’s non on the ground any ideas thanks

  23. Brent says:

    I’m looking at buying a 2014 6 speed twin power for 11k. I’ve never had a mini, nor driven manual before. Is this a car worth getting? Or am I getting in over my head?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      You may well be Brent! Learning to use a clutch can take its toll on a 9 year old vehicle. Have a skilled technician perform a pre purchase inspection and a driving instructor teach you to use a clutch correctly. They are fun cars but be prepared for higher service and repair costs.

  24. greg says:

    2002 MINI is in need of a new clutch and windshield. these both will set me back around $2000. but I can buy the car for $600. 150k miles. what do you think?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Greg, If the Mini is in good shape and without any other outstanding issues or repairs needed then repair it. Especially if you like the car it has to be worth it, also “better the devil you know”!
      Let your insurance carrier know the value of the vehicle including repairs, keep receipts.

  25. Cathy Gillies says:

    Hi, I might be interested in a 2016 Mini Cooper. It has 71,000 km on it and asking price is 13,000 dollars canadian at a car lot. Does that seem like a good deal?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Cathy, Yes it does sound like a good deal but only if it’s in good condition! Be sure to have a technician check it out, normally this 11/2 to 2 hour service, well worth it! I have written blogs about this buying cars, check this out too. For your part give it a good long drive at all speeds, try all the controls and heater Ac, radio etc. Brian

  26. All the best things on car repair education and info and the problems mini Cooper owners face and its use are listed here with a brief analysed discussion and data on them. Such articles are not only knowledge enhancers but also very interesting to read and to learn to compare from.

  27. Matt says:

    Looking to purchase a mini for a second car ( I drive a ram 1500 hemi is this a good move .

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Matt, Yes a Mini is a fun second car, they are a European car so expect more maintenance and repairs. Enjoy. Brian

  28. ScoutMom says:

    Looking into buying a 2005 Mini Convertible – only 74k mileage and mostly garage kept. asking price is $4,800. Is that reasonable?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      It’s priced a little on the high side but if it’s in good condition, that is it needs no repairs and they have the complete maintenance records then it’s worth considering. I also strongly recommend you have it evaluated by someone who knows Mini Coopers. Brian


    thinking about buying a Mini 2012 with 50 ,000 miles is this a good deal for $ 10 , 500 from Car max

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Richard, I think a little on the high side but if it’s in very good condition and the owners have a complete record of performing ALL the manufacturers recommend services then it could be worth considering. Have a skilled technician who is familiar with the Mini Cooper check it out.

  30. Wanda Howard says:

    I have read all the reviews and comments about the mini cooper. I wanted to buy a new one. I have a 19 year old Mercedes Benz 320. And, I really do not have any issues. I just wanted a mini cooper as a everyday car but I see this is not going to work for me. Thanks for helping me make a decision.

  31. Kenneth Thipe says:

    I have just bought a 2004 model a week ago so am whiling to learn it on your site because I see it helps a lot to know much about what you are driving, thanks for the information….

  32. Christine L Woomer says:

    I’m looking to purchase a 2006 S Pepper convertible, manual 6 speed.
    44,000 miles. One owner, garage parked, excellent condition!! All service records provided. They’re asking $7000. What would your original offer be? I’ve never bought a used car, I don’t know what’s reasonable?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Christine, If it’s in perfect condition I would think the price should be nearer to $6000. Have a detailed pre purchase inspection and ask to see all the maintenance records. If this comes back being positive then meet them half way. Brian

  33. Kassie says:

    I’m thinking about buying a 2003 Mini Cooper that is manual. It only has about 110,000 miles on it. Would it be a decent long lasting vehicle?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Only if it’s been immaculately looked after, any 17 year old vehicle is going to have issues.I suggest a detailed pre purchase inspection. Brian

  34. Shad says:

    Hello I am planning to get a Mini Countryman 2015 all wheel drive for $18000 mileage is 69000 kilometres, do you think is worth, and also what do I need to alert

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Shad, This seems a little costly but if it’s in perfect condition and well maintained it might be worth it. Brian

  35. Jo says:

    Hi – I am looking at buying a 64 plate MiniPaceman cooper d, has 88k on The clock and I just love this car.
    Is there anything I should be looking for whilst rest driving? It has a full service history and looks to b in great condition

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Jo, I suggest you have a skilled technician check it out. I would check the rear subframe they rusted out a lot!
      All the best, Brian

  36. blade3colorado says:

    Hello Brian, I am tentatively thinking about buying 1 of 2 Mini Coopers; a 2004 Mini Cooper S – which has 49,000 Miles, but is an automatic – they are asking $7500; and, a 2015 MINI Cooper Countryman S with a manual transmission, and 55,000 miles for $12900. Both seem expensive, especially after researching KBB and reading your comments on this blog. What do you think?

    Also, correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the 2014 and newer Mini Coopers all BMW parts now? Thank you for having this blog . . . Steve

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Steve, I think I would lean towards the 2014, yes BMW series 1 is much the same car. Please have whatever car you pick carefully checked out by a technician who knows the Mini. Also check the maintenance history, carfax etc. Enjoy! Brian

  37. Joyce Sandoval says:

    Hi, I’m looking at a 2019 Mini Cooper with 4,345 mileage for $25,000 is this price reasonable? It looks good has lots of upscale features.

  38. David Martin says:

    Hi – my wife has a 2009 mini, base model, automatic trans and 120k miles. She loves the car, but it needs a new motor. The car is in great shape, just don’t know if it is worth putting in a remanufacured motor. How solid are these gen 2 cars? I know gen 1 had transmission issues etc.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi David, Is a big investment but it can be worth in, we put a “new engine” in a Mini that a customer blew up and it’s now our Mini loaner car. It helped that the rest of the Mini was in excellent shape. Don’t be tempted to install a used engine, well looked after Mini engines are rare!

  39. Kerri says:

    I’m looking at a 2016 Mini hardtop 6 speed with approx 58,000 miles. Is there anyone h I should be keen to knowing before I do!

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Kerri, Sounds good, check that all the Mini preventive maintenance has been performed (NOT just a few quick lubes) and have a skilled technician perform a pre purchase inspection. Hope it works out. Brian

  40. Yolanda says:

    Hi Brian, thinking about purchasing a 2015 Mini from a dealership for 12k with 65k miles. Is this a good nuy??

  41. Ann says:

    Today, a 71 year old woman gave me a 2004 Mini Cooper S with 110,000 miles. It was meticulously maintained. However, she knew she wanted an electric car, so hasn’t bothered to fix problem of leaking right axle. I currently drive a 2007 Ford Focus with 90,000 miles, no problems and I bought new AC. Which car will hold up better over the next 3 years while I’m in nursing school? I’ll likely drive 18,000 miles a year.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Ann, As you have looked after the Ford I say stick with it, we have a customer with over 300k on a Ford Focus! All the best. Brian

  42. Cheney says:

    Hello Brian!

    I have a 2010 MINI Clubman with 118,000 miles on it. It has been very well taken care of by me and the owner before. I started having problems a few weeks ago with the engine running rough. Yhe engine light came on and I took it in. My mechanic replaced one of the coil packs and put in new spark plugs. I drove back to university and didnt have any major problems besides it still running rough. A couple nights ago the engine shut off and I restarted it. Now, the car is cranking longer before starting and the engine light came back on. I ordered a code reader online and hooked it into my car. the codes are it TCD P0015 and P0016. I read up online and it seems that this can derive from many different causes. Is this common of my model and is it safe to drive? Also, if further action is needed, is it an expensive fix?

    Thank you so much for your advice!!

  43. Dean says:

    Hi Brian, I am looking at a 2012 Mini Cooper Base auto I4 with only 33k for $12,000 CDN. Does that seem like a deal if well maintained and what flaws are this model year prone to? Thanks for the wonderful service you provide.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Yes Dean it sounds like a good deal. They do have a few common issues but they should of been corrected in 8 years. All the best. Brian

  44. Zenn says:

    Im planning on buying a 2012 used Mini Cooper which has ran about 117,000 kms. The only fault it has is the break sensors/pads. Do you think it is worth it?

    Thank you!

  45. Zenn says:

    I’m planning on buying a used 2012 Mini Cooper ran for 117,000kms and the only fault it has is the sensor/breakpads. I’m still not sure of the issue but it seems to be either one of these.
    Please let me know if you think I must buy it?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Zenn, That’s not a big deal so yes I would not let that stop you buying it as long as the rest of the car check out good. You should also review the preventive maintenance history to make sure it’s had more that oil changes. (See handbook for recommended maintenance)

  46. Landry Hazzard says:

    Hello Brian! I am interested in buying a 2006 Mini Cooper hatchback with 166,000 miles. She lives 2 hours away and I hope to test drive and meet her soon. She has said that she has replaced Power steering pump, Hoses, Spark plugs, Valve Cover gasket, and is asking $3800. Would this be worth the buy? It has pretty high milage but I know if taken care of well they will last a long time. I have never owned a mini let alone a European car. I know common issues with this year and car in general includes; Transmission failure, Power steering pump failure, Run-flat tires wear down faster, Electric door issues, Water pump leaks, Loose timing chain, Water pooling in floorboard. What are your thoughts?
    Thank you!

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Landry, Yes that is high mileage and a lot of money for a 15 year old vehicle, I don’t think it’s worth the risk or the two hour drive. (Gut reaction based on experience:)! Brian

  47. Landry Hazzard says:

    Hey Brian thank you for your reply! I went up Thursday before seeing your comment because if I liked it then it was worth the drive but if I didn’t then it was just a fun trip to look around the city. I test drove it alone and it felt really good to drive, no weird or strange noises. She had replaced the brakes, rotors, springs, and a tie rod back in the fall, and she put new tires on last summer. She said that the transmission has never given her any grief, she also told me she bought it from a dealership and recommended the mechanic from that shop because he knows the car and gives fair pricing. She lowered the price to 3,300 because that was her bottom dollar. When I drove it and met her I didn’t have any bad feelings. What are your thoughts?

  48. Shelly Callicoat says:


    I’m looking at a 2016 Mini Hardtop 6 speed automatic from used dealership. It has 91,500 miles and the asking price is $8995. Is this mini worth that & what should I look for when test driving the car?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Sounds like a good deal Shelly, if it’s been looked after and has a maintenance record that follows what the manufacturer recommends (NOT a few quick lubes)! Check Carfax
      An absolute must is to have it checked by a skilled technician it may cost a couple hundred dollars but could save you thousands!

  49. Chanele says:

    Hi Brian! We all seem to have some questions for you….I have many but will try and keep it short as possible. Purchased a 2006 mini Cooper S….super fun and looks like it was taken care of. Unfortunately after buying it I should have done my homework first but fell in love and bought it the same day. I won’t be surprised if there’s a lot of work to be done. The first two things is the A/C power indicator on but no air. Can hear some kind of movement behind the dash like the fan wants to turn but nothing. No air blowing at all. Someone told.me that the fan may just be jammed and needs a good turn by hand??? And also both service lights are on. The mechanic said there’s an air leak in the turbo housing. He said it is hard to get to and he wants to charge me close to $5000 in labor to do so. Where can I find an honest and reliable mechanic for these cars? Can any mechanic work on minis?
    Also shows signs of getting hot by the smell and not the thermostat? The reason will go up and down quickly when in idle?? Please help I don’t know who to ask?

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Chanele,Finding a technician you are comfortable with is important, I suggest you go to http://www.asashop.org they lead the way in the industry. You will find a place where you can search for a shop near you. Brian

  50. Beck says:

    Hello, I am considering buying a 2017 mini clubman with 125,000 miles. All highway driving. Traded in at dealer. Impecable maintenance record. I would mostly drive it around town, but I don’t want a car that is going to start to have issues and end up costing a lot of money to maintain. Any suggestions?

  51. Jacqueline says:

    Hi I’m Jacqueline,my
    Mini is rattling and now th steering wheel is very hard to control and it shows EP a sign on the dashboard after doing service how can I get help?

  52. Jessica says:

    Hi! I am going to look at a 2011 Countryman with 81,000 miles. Any advice? Anything I should look and listen for? I’ve read your advice to make sure to have all service records etc. This will be my first Mini. I have always wanted a Mini so I’m trying to go in with a level head and think with my head not my heart.

  53. Jeffery Turner says:

    Just got my like Saturday 2009 mini I love it however today the engine started to knock and low and behold the check engine light came on. Any thoughts oil is clean and at mid so it isn’t that I’m just worried I snagged a lemon.

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Jeffery, It certainly doesn’t sound too good, did you check the oil level? Was it low? The Check Engine Light relates to emissions though a mechanical failure can put the light on. Is the oil pressure light on? Can you describe the knock? Brian

  54. Eva Toole says:


    Just bought a 2017 4door mini that is full
    Of water in boot when it rains and now has a sensor light coming on re: brake pads. Took car to the garage they said nothing wrong with it re brake pads. So what can be wrong with it. Starting to regret my purchase. I usually was a serial



    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Eva, Seems like the garage you took it to was not very competent! Finding this problems should be that difficult.I would find a garage that knows what they are doing. With the water leak check that the rubber seal is in place, once you correct the water leak it is critical that the trunk is dried out. Brian

  55. Jane Parker says:

    Hi Brian
    I have a 2016 automatic convertible Mini Cooper. For some reason the center console keeps ‘rebooting’. The radio will be playing for a short while and then switches off, it then comes back on a completely different station for a short while. Also the console goes completely black for a short while before the radio station reappears. Most bizarre, any idea what the reason for this is please? Thank you. Jane UK

    • Avatar photo Brian England says:

      Hi Jane, I don’t know what could cause this, it sounds like you are loosing power to the console. I suggest you monitor what is happening and see if it’s following a pattern, does it happen over bumps? turning a corner? first thing in the morning….? We have a ELAD form on the BA Auto website that will guide you in gathering information for the technician.
      Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Brian

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