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New Hybrid Battery Service Offerings Save Owners Money

Brian England, Mon, May 01, 2017

Chances are, if you are driving a hybrid vehicle, you care about what happens to the environment. It used to be that after several years of driving a hybrid, the battery would need to be replaced with a new one. That’s because, just like any battery, hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) batteries eventually wear out.  The problem is that HEV battery replacement is not only an expensive proposition, costing as much as $5000 or more, but also, that old battery becomes just one more addition to our waste stream.

That’s why we are excited to offer hybrid owners two new alternatives.  In addition to replacement with a new battery, we now offer two additional options that can save you a lot of money versus purchasing a new hybrid battery.  These services are available for the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.


  • Service #1 – Conditioning (Reconditioning) – First, we need to find out what shape your battery is currently in.  We scan your on-board computer system and evaluate the condition of the battery. The next step is to remove the battery, check all the cell bus bar connections, cell voltages and resistances and record.Next, we replace defective cell cartridges and bus bars and clean and protect all connections. We then discharge the system, recharge and evaluate the battery.  The battery is then reinstalled, and we road test the car.The images below show corroded cells on a hybrid battery.  Depending on what shows up in the test, these cells would need to be cleaned or replaced.corroded hybrid battery terminals-1.jpg
  • Service #2 – Replacement with a Rebuilt Battery – Depending upon the condition of your battery or how many cells are damaged, replacement could be the recommended service.  In this service option, we remove your hybrid battery and replace it with a remanufactured battery.  This is a much greener option as it reduces landfill waste and saves you some money.In this service, we scan the on-board computer and evaluate.  This is followed by removal of the old battery and installation of a rebuilt battery assembly.  This is followed by a road test.
  • Service #3 Replacement with a New Battery – We still offer a service that replaces your old battery pack with a new one.  The old battery pack is removed and replaced with a new battery which includes a battery controller, bus bars, temperature sensors, air temperature sensors and battery modules.


The cost for the services described above starts at around $1500 and can go as high as $5000 or more. This will vary based on your vehicle make and model as well as the condition of your battery.  Battery conditioning will always be less expensive and more environmentally friendly.


Here are three different indicators that your HEV could benefit from a battery evaluation and conditioning.

  1. Decrease in Power. If you find that you are having difficulty accelerating or getting up hills as easily as you once did, then there is a good chance you have a battery issue.
  2. Lower Gas Mileage.  If you notice that your HEV is not getting as many miles per gallon as it once did, then your battery may need to be checked. Of course, this is a comparison to the mileage you were previously getting, so you’ll need to be aware how many miles per gallon you typically get.
  3. Vehicle Age/Mileage. If your HEV is four to eight years old and has been driven about 80,000 miles since its last conditioning service you could benefit from a battery evaluation.  The actual condition of your battery will vary depending on where you live and how your car is driven.

If you have any questions about any of our hybrid services, just give us a call at 410-381-2700.  If you need to schedule a hybrid service, go ahead and make an appointment, by clicking the box below.

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