BMW Repair, Service, and Technology Tips to Consider Before You Buy

by | Aug 22, 2011 | Auto Tips

Considering purchasing a new or used BMW?  Like any major purchase, it pays to do your homework.  On the plus side, BMW manufacturing is outstanding.  They are quick to try out new technology, and they are also one of the best handling, mass produced cars on the market today. Here are some of the innovative systems that you can get on a new BMW:

1. Night vision and pedestrian detection

2. Blind spot monitoring

3. Rear and side view cameras

4. Front collision warning system

5. Heads up display

6. Stability control system

Conversely, when it comes to BMW preventive maintenance, you should know that like most European cars, BMW’s require a little more care and attention to keep them safe and reliable.  That extra attention is also critical for maintaining top resale value. Service and repairs should be carried out following the manufacturer’s preventive maintenance schedule. BMW has even gone so far as to implement some innovative monitoring systems to help its owners keep their cars in top condition.

When BMWs are serviced at regular intervals, the auto service technician can help to prevent expensive breakdowns. Finding something in a tire or spotting strange tire wear patterns can help owners avoid a breakdown on the road or the wearing out of expensive tires.

In addition to adhering to the maintenance schedule, BMW services should be performed using the manufacturer recommended parts.  For example, oil and filter services should be performed using the recommended oil and filter.  Additionally, because BMW’s are “performance vehicles” the type of tires and brakes used do not last very long.  These things should be considered when calculating how much a BMW is going to cost to maintain.

If maintained carefully your BMW will last for hundreds of thousands of miles. If you are buying a used BMW be sure to have a vehicle evaluation performed.  The last thing you need to buy is a BMW that has not been looked after.   Well, that is certainly not if you are after their promised “sheer driving pleasure”.


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