What Does it Take to Earn the Label Auto Repair Expert?

by | Jan 16, 2012 | BA Auto Care News

Today we come across customers who claim to be experts in auto repair, but in just a short time we can tell that their experience is limited to oil changes coupled with access to a computer.

Many of the machines we use on a daily basis have got complicated.  It has become harder and harder to understand exactly how they work. A basic clothes dryer has many sensors and a processor.  If it stops working, you need to understand electrical circuits and electronics to perform repairs.

With a modern car there are many electrical circuits coupled with many computers. Nearly every mechanical system in a car has an electronic component.  More than ever, auto repair has become a very highly skilled trade.  It can take a skilled technician 10 or more years to learn his trade coupled with a college education and weeks of electronic training.  That, along with an ongoing training program, is what it takes to truly qualify as an “auto repair expert”.

Most customers don’t have that level of training.  It’s become a tradition in the auto repair industry to help build trust with customers by helping to educate them on the repairs being performed on their car.  As systems have become more and more complicated, this has become more and more difficult.  We ensure that our service writers are trained in being able to communicate complex repairs to customers in language that they can understand, but it’s almost like translating a foreign language.  There may be nuances that do not have a direct translation.  That’s where trust comes into play.  If you’ve done your homework, and selected an auto repair facility that has good quality control and service practices it makes it easier to take that leap and trust them.

It’s similar to when an IT person drops by to fix an issue on my computer.  It seems like they fiddle around for half hour or so and then are gone. And, if all goes well, when they leave, everything is fixed.  I just pay the bill and feel happy that I can continue working. I have known my IT guy for a number of years, and I know he does a great job, therefore I don’t need to know all the details.

Think of your auto repair experts in the same way.  Pick a facility that you know has a good  hiring and training program with real “Auto Repair Experts” on staff, and it will be a lot easier to take that leap, and trust that they will get the job done!


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