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Save on repair bills by keeping your air intake system, trunk seals and hatch seals clean

Brian England, Fri, Jul 26, 2019

You can save thousands of dollars in repair bills by properly maintaining the ventilation air intake system and keeping the trunk and hatch seals clean on your vehicle. If you’re a BA Auto Care preventive maintenance customer, we perform the services needed to prevent the following issues from happening:

  1. Electronic Control Module failure
  2. Damp and mold smell
  3. Leaks into the trunk and rear hatch area
  4. Poor interior air flow and quality
  5. Blocked air conditioning drain tube
  6. Poor ventilation
  7. Intermittent electrical problems
  8. Sunroof leaks
  9. Cabin filter maintenance period
  10. Lower heating and air conditioning system performance

As part of your BA Auto Preventive Maintenance Services Program, we will keep your vehicle running smoothly. From the smallest service to the largest, we always include cleaning the vent areas. This is especially important for those who leave their vehicle outside in wooded areas! Which includes most Columbians!

This service is very important after the Fall season. If you clean up leaves in your own yard, then don’t forget your vehicles! After the final leaves have fallen lift the hood and blow out the leaves and debris that has accumulated near the windshield, sunroof and trunk (hatch) . If you can’t remove it all, don’t worry. We will do it the next time you are in for service.

Preventive Maintenance is not just about changing your vehicles engine oil it’s about maintaining the complete vehicle.

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About Brian England


Brian England, the current president of BA Auto Care (formerly British American Auto Care) got his start with an auto apprenticeship in a small town in the northwest of London. He came to the U.S. in 1972 to work for a Land Rover dealer in Rockville, MD, and a few years later, started British American Auto Care with his wife, Jennifer. A big believer in preventive auto maintenance, Brian's philosophy is to encourage and educate drivers on the benefits of adhering to a regular maintenance plan.