Pandemic Pivot: BA Auto Care Conference Room Becomes Classroom

by | Jan 29, 2021 | BA Auto Care News

Who would of thought that our place of work would become a classroom and come alive with young children! That’s what has happen because of the pandemic. From 9 am to 2 pm every Monday through Friday, our receptionist Grace’s youngest son Matthias comes to work to connect to his school learning program. When he first arrived, he was shy, didn’t say a word and would avoid eye contact. Now we have a fun, energetic, happy young boy in our midst. And yes, he gets cheeky from time to time and gives his Mom a hard time. According to his Mom, however, this has been a positive experience for him, and will be something he always remembers.

For me, this takes me back to my childhood days spent at work with my dad and uncle, I can still visualize their workshop, the smell of wood shavings and damp bricks, Both were in the building industry. What fun it was to be around adults and finding out firsthand what they did at work.

So, while many folks worry about the negative effects these times have on children, I’m more optimistic. Children learning about how their parents earn a living is a great education. The connection between learning and employment will never be forgotten. Also sitting on Mom’s lap and having lunch is special too. Especially without younger sister or older brother butting in.

More family time in the BA Auto Care classroom

Every Wednesday, my daughter Sandi makes room for two more students at BA Auto when her husband Jeff drops off Molly and Luke so he can have a break from monitoring two children and doing his job. Sandi has a desk setup in her office for Molly while Luke takes over the conference room. He also has a spot in the parts room for projects which he rushes to do on his break from classes.

Sometimes when I’m at work around 10, we explore the property, going down by the stream and the pond. They have discovered a decomposing deer and a long lost spade. Luke has his eye on taking the deer skull home, but his Mom is not as enthusiastic! Luke and Molly take turns leading these expeditions with me following behind. These pandemic times are not easy on the parents or children. Still, it is good to see them having many different experiences. Education comes in many flavors.


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