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Green Integration for Peace of Mind” in Auto Care & Life”

Dorothy George, Mon, Jun 27, 2011


Dorothy George Office Manager at British AmericanGrowing up green was part of my childhood. Our family had a compost pile, washed aluminum foil for reuse, used a woodstove to minimize electric bills, and chased fireflies as a summer evening’s entertainment. Mom sewed curtains, spending time with my sister and me while we learned a new skill. Exercise included stacking the woodpile in the side yard. Dad took us fishing and got us past the “eww” factor of using live worms as bait. Was all this due to the mid-west influence of living in Oklahoma and Kansas? Or was it much broader than that?

My parents understood that connecting with the natural world enriched our lives. We were encouraged to spend time out-of-doors, whooshing through the air on the rope swing, flying kites in the field behind the house, or playing in the dirt with new plants. As a result of our informal education, my sister majored in Biology and I enjoy annual trips to the Philadelphia Flower Show, which increases my indoor garden and depletes my budget.

During these stressful times, take your own break and reconnect with nature. Choose to spend an hour a day without any electronic devices. Take a walk at a lake, watch a sunrise or sunset, exchange plants with a neighbor, sit outside while writing a letter, start an herb garden, play frisbee with your kids, have a picnic lunch, hang out a bird feeder, sign up for a flower arranging class, or ???—it’s up to you.

At BA Auto Care, we understand that “going green” is about more than just being environmentally responsible. It’s about enriching your life. Before taking your next camping trip or nature excursion, call us for a vehicle checkup to give you peace of mind.


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Brian England, the current president of BA Auto Care (formerly British American Auto Care) got his start with an auto apprenticeship in a small town in the northwest of London. He came to the U.S. in 1972 to work for a Land Rover dealer in Rockville, MD, and a few years later, started British American Auto Care with his wife, Jennifer. A big believer in preventive auto maintenance, Brian's philosophy is to encourage and educate drivers on the benefits of adhering to a regular maintenance plan.