How Many Engine Oils Should Your Independent Auto Repair Shop Stock?

by | Dec 12, 2011 | Industry-Wide Topics

Ask the independent auto repair shop that services your car how many different oils they keep in stock?

If the answer is just two or three oils then there is a good chance that the wrong oil is going into your car’s engine. A few years ago an independent auto repair shop could stock just a few oils and have complete coverage. Now anywhere from 15-20 different oils are needed to have full coverage of popular cars.

Oils have changed dramatically, car makers want to get the most mpg and have their engines last a long time. They could be saddled with expensive warranty claims now that they have anywhere from 36k to 100k drive train warranties.

GM owners should be aware that their engineers have developed the dexos engine oil specification. This specification is designed to extend the life of the emissions system, increase mpg, require fewer oil changes and produce fewer emissions.

The new GF-5 specification is an advanced oil that allows longer periods between oil changes without loss of lubrication qualities, sludge build up or damage to your catalytic convertor.

Often I hear the expression “just an oil change”, well there are companies that offer “just an oil change”, but there is a good chance it will be inferior to using the right oil and the right oil filter. When you are protecting a modern complex engine that can cost anywhere from $6000 to $15,000 (or even more in some cases) it is best to be sure you are not penny wise pound foolish.

When you pick an auto repair shop to perform your oil change be sure they follow the manufactures check list that includes checking the safety features of your vehicle. The auto repair shop you chose should put your vehicle on a lift that leaves the wheels free to rotate and have technicians that are trained to perform preventive maintenance services not “just an oil change”!!


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